We, The Jury

We, The Jury is a comic audience participation jury trial in which guests become the jury in an "experimental trial system" which tries all the defendants at once. Guests hear the evidence and question multiple suspects charged with the same crime, and after deliberation, decide on the guilt or innocence of the suspects.

Bring your sharp mind and quick wit, and be prepared for a great time as you unravel evidence, decipher clues and question suspects in a live comic, audience participation jury trial. In this Improvisational program guests take over the roles of prosecutor and defense attorney, hear the evidence, question suspects and witnesses, and after deliberation, decide on the guilt or innocence of each of the multiple suspects. Special roles for lucky guests include bailiffs, court reporter, court artist and witnesses.

Who is guilty and who is innocent?
Which way will the verdicts go?
Who will be the surprise witnesses?
Will someone get away with murder?

The audience decides!

We, The Jury comes in several different themes:
We, The Jury: The Case of the Bombed Lawyers
When the police responded to a blast at the law offices of Viducci, Chen O'Reilly & Cohen the discovered the body of Vicki Lake, a movie star researching material for an upcoming film role. Four people connected in some way to Vicki were seen at the building before the blast. One of them is the guilty one, but who? Judge for your self.
We, The Jury: The Case of the Staged Suicide
Who tried to make Lucinda Hartley's death look like a suicide? Her trusted colleague, her next door neighbor, the super or her best friend? You be the judge.
We, The Jury: The Case of the Superfluous Spy
When an informant learns too much, his death leads to the arrest of four former CIA operatives, each with a grudge. One spy has sold secrets to a foreign power, and some one found out. Who killed the spy?
We, The Jury: The Case of the Deadly Cold
John Beresford's death did not surprise those who attended to the 96 year old ailing recluse, until the autopsy confirmed murder. On trial are his doctor and executor of his estate; the nurse; the housekeeper; and the tutor of his two children who left home years ago. Which one had reason to kill him? Judge for yourself!
We, The Jury: The Case of O'Malley, O'Reilly & Dunne
Orin O'Reilly, part owner of the popular neighborhood pub called Flattery's Tavern was found dead behind the bar the day after St. Patrick's Day. It looks like a robbery, but all the at was found was a shillelagh by the body. Who killed him? Was it really a robbery or was it a leprechaun with a vengeance. You be the judge!

We, The Jury is presented by exclusive arrangement with Bruce Whitehill.

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